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Head Ornaments
- Head Ornaments

Maang Teeka & Maang Patti
- The maangtika is a traditional Hindu-style head piece consisting of a metallic chain/string, with an attractive pendant attached at one end, which comes in various patterns, embellished with precious/semi-precious stones and a hook on the other end. Matha Pattis are decorated chain/strings that are adorned along the hair-line. A matha-patti is always accompanied by an attached central maang tikka. HOW TO WEAR MAANGTIKA HOW TO WEAR MAANGTIKA Generally worn at the middle parting of the hair, maangtika comes down to the centre of woman’s forehead and the end hook is used for holding the tika at the hair while the Matha Patti’s decorated chains enhance the forehand when worn along the hair line.
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- Originating from Mughal culture, Jhoomar is a delicate ornamental head piece, similar to Maangtika. Traditional Jhoomar had a semicircular design of a crescent moon set with diamonds or mix of rubies emeralds, surmounted with a golden hook; but now a days multiple designs have come to fulfil all the desires of a woman. Bunches of pearls are also attached all along the lower edge of the crescent which dangles loosely to add charm to this exquisite piece of jewellery. HOW TO WEAR JHOOMAR The gold hook is clipped into the hair on the left side of the forehead and the Jhoomar hangs provocatively accentuating the left temple.
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