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Ears Ornaments
- Generally made of gold and silver, the phenomenal Indian ethnic earrings are available in innumerable designs, giving a graceful look to the wearer. This fascinating jewellery pieces has no dearth of designs, shapes, weight, sizes and colours. Abundant styles of earring like Ear studs are not only worn by woman today but also men. From traditional Jhumkas to novel designs and shapes earrings can dazzle the look of any Indian or Western outfit. DESIGN OF INDIAN ETHNIC EARRINGS Traditional Indian earrings Traditional Indian earrings, consisting of an upper portion, connected to a bell-shaped structure below. HOW TO WEAR INDIAN EARRING HOW TO WEAR INDIAN EARRING Earrings are adorned on the ear through a piercing in the earlobe or another external part of the ear, but one can wear various types of earrings even without the piercing through magnet ear studs. Commendable Indian craftsmanship has given birth to multitude range of earring; they can be Stud earrings, Hoop earrings, Drop earrings, Dangle earrings, Ear Spikes, Balis, Jhumkas and many more.

- Jhumkas are intricately crafted earrings embellished with shiny jewels, dangling pearls and extravagant gems.
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- Balis, are the typical ring shaped earrings, to flaunt the ethnic touch to any traditional Indian outfit.
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- Kanvelis are small, delicate pearl earrings worn on the helix of your ears, go perfectly with the saying ‘ flaunt as many jewels as you can’.
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Sahara chain
- Sahara chain are the complimentary accessory with a hefty Indian earring. Offering support to the vast weight of pure gold earrings. A Sahara chain can be worn in two styles- one going from the front of the earring and hooked directly into the hair; second moving from the front over the ear and coming back around the back of the ear which is then affixed onto the back of the earring.
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