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Nose Ornaments
- The traditional Indian nose rings designs vary, based on cultures followed in different parts of the country. HOW TO WEAR IT NOSE RINGS Nose ornaments Nose Pin- Bulak Nose ornaments, are affixed through a piercing on the side of the nostril. The single stone and the clove-shaped screw on/earring style nose pins are worn on one side of the nose (usually left). A nath comes with or without a long chain that is draped along the cheek and then hooked into the hair. The most trendy style of Nath is in combination with a chain as it give extra support to the naths for the noses that are not pierced.

Nose pin
- The jewellery you wear tells a different story and says a lot about your personality. In fact, you wear a statement necklace, nose pin or earrings. At Tjori, we bring you a wide variety of handcrafted nose pins in alluring patterns. In India, nose pins have been a staple since ancient times as it is considered holy by Hindi tradition. And, if you see it today it has climbed on top as a fashion accessory. It is a statement which you can see in a completely new way. You would like to buy nose pins online and get it delivered at your doorstep. You are at the right place, browse through our exhaustive collection featuring designer nose pin in tribal, Afghani and other types. You are sure to buy the perfect one for you or for anyone else. A lot of us have seen generations wearing these beautiful and admiring nose pins in gold and silver. If you cannot afford a diamond nose pin, you can still revel in style. Tjori brings you the most exquisite pieces of Indian nose pins. We have an exemplary collection of nose pins online. You can choose the kind of details you want from among beads, Afghani, pearls, and more.
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Nose ring
- The traditional Indian nose rings designs vary, based on cultures followed in different parts of the country.
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- Shikarpuri Nath is famous in north India (Punjab). With a big golden ring and a slender chain going to the hair, nath is emblazoned with priceless stones and gems, even sparklers along the connecting chain. A simpler version Nathni is admired by the women of Rajasthan and Gujarat. NOSE RING Maharashtrian Nath- Guchhedar Nath The Mahatashtrians adorn the guchhedar nath, which comes in interesting shapes and is adorned with jewels, rubies, and pearls. Among the women of Kerala and Karnataka, the auspicious nath transforms to a shape of a lotus or a swan known as the mukkhutti.
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- The nose-jewel known as the Bulak is worn through the cartilage in the centre of the nose. Clip-on nose pins and rings can be used by non-pierced noses.
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