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Hands Ornaments
- Hands Ornaments Bangles / Churis , Kangan, Kadas, Hathphool, Vanki / Bajubandh, HOW TO WEAR ALL THE HAND ORNAMENTS Adorned on the wrists the size of the bangles should be such that it doesnít fall out of your hand while moving and also isnít too tight. Kangans are wider in design than bangles and can be worn alone or more classically on the 2 outer edges of a bangle set, to frame it.The kangans/Kadas are more ornate and heavy, thatís why come with a clasp or screw for fastening it securely. Hathphool bracelet should be worn first followed by the rings on each/single finger. The embellished chain worn around the upper arm is an armlet (Bajubandh). It is often secured in place by a gold string. The shape of the Vanki/Bajubandh is such that if fits over the arm without any strain or pressure.

Bangles / Churis
- Bangles / Churis (Bangles) The sweet tinkling sound that echoes in every Indian occasion is produced by Bangles. The alluring round jewellery pieces crafted from almost all materials from costly metals(gold, silver) to classic wooden and glass are known as bangles.
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- The traditional Indian bangles, generally created of gold or silver, are known as the kangan/Kada. Punjabi brides also wear chooras, traditionally made of ivory, popularly sold in a vibrant combination of red and white. Apart from the attractively stunning designs of bangles and Kadas these hand ornaments also have immense romantic and amorous connotations. A wide variety including Brass Bracelets, Diamond Bracelets, Designer gold Kangans and many more, which adds more grace to their appearance.
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- The ends of the Kada have amazing different nature inspired designs such as of two parrots, twin elephants, flowers etc. From Stone-set Kadas, to brass bracelets, diamond studded bangles, Indian hand accessories has a lot to offer which will add more grace to any style.
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- Originating from Rajasthan, Hathphool (or flowers for the hand), also called the Panchangala (or jewel for the five fingers), is a jewel encrusted bracelet with stone-set chains leading to a flower on the back of the palm and similar chains connecting it to the five rings on the five fingers, each ring with a different floral motif. Haathphool rings attached to strings form a dainty and elegant spiderweb-like design which completes this delicate hand jewellery.The hands of the wearer decorated with mehendi or henna designs, is like an added treat to eyes with this essential garnishing of hathphool.
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Vanki / Bajubandh
- Vanki / Bajubandh The traditional armlets worn on arm, are inlaid with rose-cut diamonds, cabochon rubies, emeralds and plenty of precious stones of oneís choice. Multifarious varieties of armlets called the bajuband or bazuband are adorned in different parts of India by both men and women, which showcase the famous designs of natural creepers(flora), snakes entwining(fauna), typical lotus motif pendant and religious ancient figures. The Vanki (type of armlet) of South India is unique because of its inverted-V-shaped design. The origin of Vankis is evident From old paintings and sculptures, to Naga or snake worship, which is further proved by the patterns of Lord Krishna figures crafted on the earliest Vankis. (Ananta the snake, on whom lies Vishnu, whose avatar or incarnation was Krishna)
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