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Feet Ornaments
- Payal / Paizeb , Pizeb, sankla, chanjar, zanjiri, golusu and kaappu, Toe Ring

Payal / Paizeb
- Hailing from Hyderabad, Pizeb or Payals are adornments for the feet. PAIZEB Decorated with drop-shaped stones or tinkling bells on the lower edge of the Paizeb, these feet ornaments achieve a rich effect by skilful incrustations. An exhaustive variety of anklets are worn in the culturally diverse parts of India named payal, paizeb, sankla, chanjar, zanjiri, golusu and kaappu. HOW TO WEAR PAIZEB Indian anklets known as pays and paizebs are adorned on the ankle, and should be firmly hooked so that they don’t fall off while walking. One should make the anklet lie flat on the foot fitting closely over the ankle.
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Toe Ring
- Customarily made of silver, toe ring is just like a finger ring worn on toes. Toe rings are not just for the ladies. In fact, the ancient bare feet Tamil men used to don toe rings or ‘Metti’ (a ring made of silver with no patterns) while roaming around in wilderness. Available in countless myriad forms and shape, from ruby floral design to single bands embedded with diamonds along with enamel work.
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