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Nivi Drape Saree
- Nivi drape is typical in areas of Tamil Nadu. This kind of draping allows the wearer to move her legs freely while entirely covering them. Here, the pleats are passed between the legs and tucked into the waist at the back.

Dharamavaram saree : Tamil Nadu
- Dharamavaram silk sarees are traditionally woven from tussar silk in the interlock weft technique by the weavers in the Dharmavaram town in the district of Anantpur in Tamil Nadu. Design Description of Sarees: Having a striking resemblance to Kanjeevaram sarees, the distinguishing feature is the weaving of two colors which give it a bright yet subdued dual shade effect. It is further emphasized by broad borders with solid colors and contrasting pallus exquisitely woven with intricate golden zari brocade patterns and butta designs. Dharmavaram saris can be worn for a casual occasion with simple woven patterns and for opulent events. Dharmavaram saris comprise of heavy ‘pallus’ with exclusive designs. Dharmavaram silk sarees are most attractive and desired wedding sarees in competition with Kanjeevaram sarees but the bright colours, the double shades create a total different effect which makes them a must for your saree collection.
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Kanjeevaram saree: Tamil Nadu
- Known as the queen of sarees, Kanjeevaram sarees are crafted from a traditionally woven silk, coming from the Tamil Nadu district Thiruvannamalai. Design Description of Kanjeevaram Sarees: Featuring royal texture and glossy temperament these sarees are crafted with utmost precision and care.These vivid and luxuriant coloured sarees define the cultural soil that has christened the graciously designed contrast borders with nuances of South Indian ethnicity. The showcasing of rich heritage is done through the typical theme embellished on the sarees consisting of motifs like moon, chariots, peacocks, parrots, swans, lions, coins, mangoes, leaves, jasmine buds correlating with nature which captivates one’s senses at once.
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