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Maharashtrian Style Saree
- For draping a saree in Maharashtrian style, tuck the pleat towards the left side of the waist. The two ends of the cloth are tied together and wrapped around the legs. Pallu must be brought to the front from the back and pleated into around 4-inches. Tuck these pleats at the navel.

Paithani saree: Maharashtra
- The gorgeous silk Paithani saree’s name was originally derived from Paithan region of Maharashtra. Design Description of Paithani Sarees: These handwoven sarees have a spellbound amalgamation of luxuriance and richness. Crafted from high fine quality silk, Pathani sarees are available in vibrant hues adding to its bright charm. The intricate motifs like Lotus, Hans(swan), Flowers, Peacock, tree, parrots Bangdimor, Narali Print and the ornamental Zari threads are woven with unparalleled skill to forge a Paithani saree. With slanting square border design and patterns of nature inscribed on the pallu, Paithani saree will work wonders in its glitzy. The expensive Paithani sarees are crafted with unique excellence and minute detailing keeping in mind the wide range of needs, wants and desires of saree collectors to be specifically worn during wedding, grand events and festivals.
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